Fun Projects
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Designed an educational, collaborative rhythm game for kids
HCI Design Studio course project at Stanford.
Project Website
Tags: physical hci stanford current

Dynamic Soccer

Soccer statistics visualization application with dynamic queries and time animation
Data Visualization course project at Stanford.
Tags: visualization hci web stanford


Designed an instant event messenger in Flash Lite, running on Nokia N95.
Intro to HCI Design course project at Stanford.
Tags: hci mobile stanford

Highly Interactive Treeview

Designed web-based tree visualization & editing application in Javascript+Canvas.
Abstractions for Highly Interactive Web Applications course project at Stanford.
Project Website
Presentation: PDF
Tags: web visualization hci stanford

Sound Pill

Created and packaged audio clips in capsules that help people recover from anger, distress, depression, etc.
Conducted online and offline user studies.
Creative Research course project at SNU.
Project Website
Presentation: PDF
Tags: hci audio emotion

Web-based Device Management System

Designed a device management & history tracking system with Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and Apache server.
Freelance project offered by Duruter Information Communication Co., Ltd.
Tags: web industry

SNMP Support for Embedded Modules

Ported SNMP agent with customized MIB & applications on Eddy, embedded communication modules
Freelance project offered by SystemBase Co., Ltd.
Product Website
Tags: embedded industry


Designed a mindmap-based knowledge DB building and indexing application for search engines
Participated as a mentee in the Winter of Code 2007 hosted by Openmaru Studio
Project Website
Tags: hci


IDE for embedded modules
Product Website
Tags: embedded industry

Eddy: Embedded Modules

API and IDE for programmable and customizable embedded modules
Product Website

WiComm: Wireless device servers

Serial-to-Wireless LAN device servers
Product Website
Tags: embedded industry


Internet credit card transaction terminal
Tags: embedded industry

SoC Robot War

Designed robot simulator and vision / strategy applications
Advanced to the 2nd round in the team named Sigma Porori’
Tags: embedded

DiCom Viewer

Developed a general-purpose medical image viewer
Project proposed by INFINITT Co., Ltd. for the Project I class in CSE, SNU
Tags: graphics


Developed an on-line music store under LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) environment
Project offered by the Database class in CSE, SNU
Tags: web