Ph.D. Students

M.S. Students


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Joining KIXLAB

If you're interested in working with me, please read below and send me an email.

Ph.D. student

  • I only accept Ph.D. students with prior research experience working with me or strong recommendation from colleagues that I trust.
  • If these conditions are not met, consider interning with me or applying as a Master’s student first.
  • In KAIST SoC, a Master's degree is a requirement for all incoming Ph.D. students.

M.S. student

  • For Master’s students I don’t have a strong requirement for prior research experience working with me, but it significantly increases the chance.
  • In KAIST SoC, a Master's program is research-oriented. All students are expected to join a research group and write a thesis.
  • Because slots are extremely limited (~2 per year), please contact me well in advance (at least 6 months recommended).
  • As affiliated faculty in the Kim Jaechul Graduate School of AI, I also have a Master's slot each year.
  • You have to get admission from the department first (application material review + interview) in order to be eligible to join KIXLAB.

Visiting researcher / Full-time internship

  • I welcome visiting researchers from other institutions and full-time internship applicants, as long as (1) the period is at least 6 months long, and (2) there’s a good research fit.

Undergraduate Internship

  • I enjoy working with motivated undergraduate students. There are a few undergrad interns in the lab at any given time.
  • For KAIST students, I strongly prefer working with students who are committed to interning for at least 6 months (e.g., a winter/summer vacation + following academic semester). Internships, Graduation Research, Independent Research, and Research in Computer Science: I have the same commitment expectation and requirements for all of them.
  • For non-KAIST (both domestic and international) students, shorter internships are available (e.g., three-month summer internship).
  • Applying: I mostly recruit interns twice a year through an open call. Summer calls are made around March, and winter calls are made around October.
  • Previous Internship Calls
  • You’ll most likely have a grad student mentor who will more directly work with you on a research project, and have a weekly meeting with me, along with your mentor. In other cases, you’ll be a part of a bigger team of researchers or work directly with me. It depends on the research topic you’ll end up working on.
  • Due to high demand, I have to be extremely selective in accepting students. Past records show that I can only accept one in 4-5 students.

International (non-Korean) Students

  • I enjoy working with students from diverse cultural and language backgrounds. I understand that Korea might not be the most friendly place for foreigners, most importantly due to the language barrier. However, our research environment is English-friendly. All communication in KIXLAB is in English. Also, most KAIST courses are offered in English.
  • You'll need to obtain valid Korean visa, which requires time and paperwork. The school has good support for the process.

MS Student Admissions Process

Fall 2024 applicants: KIXLAB has two total MS slots for 2024---one SoC MS and one GSAI MS. If you are an incoming MS student interested in joining KIXLAB starting in Fall 2024, please answer the questions below and email me by Jul. 12th, 2024.

Intro Material: Slides from the Orientation (PDF)

Here is how I recruit and admit incoming MS students in KIXLAB:

  • By Jul. 12th: The applicant first contacts me by answering the following questions:
    1. Which track are you applying to? (SoC MS or GSAI MS)
    2. Why are you interested in doing HCI research? (Korean is fine.)
    3. Do you have any background or experience in HCI (e.g., coursework, research, projects)? (Korean is fine.)
    4. Are there particular areas of interest you have in HCI? I’m looking for interests, experiences, and problems you care about rather than concrete paper ideas. (Korean is fine.)
    5. What’s your career plan after getting your MS degree? (Korean is fine.)
    6. Could you send your CV, transcript, and MS application package? If the courses you are currently taking are not shown on the transcript, please include a list of courses you are taking this semester.
    7. Could you send a 1-page statement of purpose written in English? This is the most important component that highlights your research direction and interest in a logical and convincing manner. Your answers to (1)-(5) could be brief if there’s a significant overlap with the statement.
  • By Jul. 19th: For those who pass the first round, I ask for a 15-min presentation with the current members of KIXLAB invited. The applicant presents a potential research idea that they'd like to explore in KIXLAB.
  • By Jul. 26th: For those who pass the second round, I hold a 1-on-1 meeting with the applicant to better understand their motivation, background, and interests.
  • By Jul. 26th: Final result announced.