I'll be an assistant professor in the School of Computing at KAIST, starting in July 2016.

From August 2015, I'll be a visiting assistant professor and a Brown Fellow at Stanford University for a year, working with Maneesh Agrawala.

I'm currently finishing up my Ph.D. in EECS at MIT, focusing on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research. I work in the User Interface Design Group in CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), advised by Prof. Rob Miller and Prof. Krzysztof Gajos. The Samsung Fellowship has been supporting my graduate studies.

I build interactive systems powered by large-scale data from users. My research introduces learnersourcing, in which learners collectively generate novel content and interfaces for future learners while engaging in a meaningful learning experience themselves. Learnersourcing uniquely combines crowdsourcing, social computing, content-based video analysis techniques, and learning science. My research demonstrates that interfaces powered by learnersourcing can enhance content navigation, create a sense of learning with others, and ultimately improve learning.

Current Projects

Crowdy: Learnersourced Video Summary

Crowdy is a crowd-powered video learning interface, where learners collaboratively add interactive labels to videos to enhance the content.

RIMES: Multimedia Exercises for Video

RIMES allows teachers to embed interactive multimedia exercises within online lecture videos. Students can record audio, video, and ink-based answers, and teachers can review the responses.

LectureScape: Data-Driven Video Interaction

LectureScape leverages thousands of other learners' interaction history with lecture videos to add 2D, non-linear timeline, enhanced in-video search, and visual highlights.

BudgetWiser: Fact-Based Budget Discussion

BudgetWiser promotes public discussions around a government budget via collaborative fact-checking and tagging, interactive visualization, and contextual budget information extraction in a news article.

Content-Aware Kinetic Scrolling

Our novel scrolling technique dynamically applies kinetic friction around points of high interest within a web page while scrolling on a touchscreen device.

ToolScape: Enhancing How-to Videos

ToolScape captures work-in-progress images and step-by-step information inside video tutorials to help learn how-to skills in any domain. It features workflows to capture annotations from crowd workers, or learners watching the same video.

Cobi: Communitysourcing Conference Scheduling

Cobi integrates community process, constraint-solving intelligence, and end-user interface to help in the schedule process of large conferences.

TalkScape: Lecture Annotation Tool

How can we capture, interact with, and discuss important moments in a presentation or lecture video? TalkScape supports taking annotated snapshots, visualizing an outline, and deep-linking between the video and external resources.