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M.S. Students

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Joining KIXLAB

If you're interested in working with me, please read below and send me an email.

Ph.D. student

  • I only accept Ph.D. students with prior research experience working with me or strong recommendation from colleagues that I trust.
  • If these conditions are not met, consider interning with me or applying as a Master’s student first.
  • In KAIST SoC, a Master's degree is a requirement for all incoming Ph.D. students.

M.S. student

  • For Master’s students I don’t have a strong requirement for prior research experience working with me, but it significantly increases the chance.
  • In KAIST SoC, a Master's program is research-oriented. All students are expected to join a research group and write a thesis.
  • Because slots are extremely limited (~2 per year), please contact me well in advance (at least 6 months recommended).
  • You have to get admission from the department first (application material review + interview) in order to be eligible to join KIXLAB.

Visiting researcher / Full-time internship

  • I welcome visiting researchers from other institutions and full-time internship applicants, as long as (1) the period is at least 6 months long, and (2) there’s a good research fit.

Undergraduate Internship

  • I enjoy working with motivated undergraduate students. There are a few undergrad interns in the lab at any given time.
  • For KAIST students, I strongly prefer working with students who are committed to interning for at least 6 months (e.g., a winter/summer vacation + following academic semester). Internships, Graduation Research, Independent Research, and Research in Computer Science: I have the same commitment expectation and requirements for all of them.
  • For non-KAIST (both domestic and international) students, shorter internships are available (e.g., three-month summer internship).
  • Applying: I mostly recruit interns twice a year through an open call. Summer calls are made around March, and winter calls are made around October.
  • Previous Internship Calls
  • You’ll most likely have a grad student mentor who will more directly work with you on a research project, and have a weekly meeting with me, along with your mentor. In other cases, you’ll be a part of a bigger team of researchers or work directly with me. It depends on the research topic you’ll end up working on.
  • Due to high demand, I have to be extremely selective in accepting students. Past records show that I can only accept one in 4-5 students.

International (non-Korean) Students

  • I enjoy working with students from diverse cultural and language backgrounds. I understand that Korea might not be the most friendly place for foreigners, most importantly due to the language barrier. However, our research environment is English-friendly. All communication in KIXLAB is in English. Also, most KAIST courses are offered in English.
  • You'll need to obtain valid Korean visa, which requires time and paperwork. The school has good support for the process.