Summer 2016 Undergraduate Research Internship

School of Computing, KAIST

July 1 - August 31, 2016

What is this about?

I’ll start as an assistant professor in the School of Computing at KAIST in July 2016, and launch a Human-Computer Interaction research group (name TBD). I’m looking for a few undergraduate research interns to join my group this summer. I haven’t set up a website for my group yet, but you can find more about me and my research at

What does your lab do?

As an HCI research group, we build interactive systems that are powered by large-scale data from users. As a research field, HCI strives to tackle real world problems that users face everyday. We pride in building technical solutions that can directly help real world users. A typical research process is to observe users, identify their challenges, come up with a novel technical solution, and evaluate the solution with rigorous research methods. In particular, we are excited about the following areas:

  • Crowdsourcing: How to leverage the power of the crowd to solve difficult sociotechnical challenges?
  • Online Education: How to design for more interactive, constructive, and collaborative learning online?
  • Video and Future of Media: How to maximize the potential of interactive media in its capturing, editing, and consumption?
  • Civic Engagement: How to design a better social platform for a participatory democracy?

What will I be working on?

You’ll be working on a research project, and closely interacting with me and others in the lab throughout the summer. Here are some possible project ideas:

  1. Design and build a next generation video player for online education. Related projects: LectureScape and Crowdy

  2. Design and build a way to help online instructors to receive and incorporate feedback on their materials (e.g., videos and slides). Related project: Mudslide

  3. Design and build a way to help online learners to receive and incorporate feedback on their work (e.g., homework assignments and projects). Related project: RIMES

  4. Design and build an interactive platform for citizens to discuss social issues and take collective action. Related projects: BudgetMap and Factful

What skills / experiences do I need?

  • I’m mostly looking for motivated students who like to (learn to) build interactive systems for real users.
  • Although intro-level HCI knowledge or CS472 at KAIST is a huge plus, it is not required.
  • You’ll be a research intern, not an engineering intern. While engineering will constitute a large fraction of what we do, the main focus will be on research.
  • You’ll work on building cutting-edge user interfaces for the web. You should be familiar with Javascript/HTML/CSS, as well as a modern web framework (e.g., Django, Flask, React, AngularJS, or Ruby on Rails). Backend or server-side knowledge is a plus, but not required.

I’m not a KAIST student. Can I apply?

Yes, of course!

I’m a graduate student. Can I apply?

Yes. But if you have an advisor, please make sure your advisor is okay with the idea.

Why should I do this?

  • Because you’ll be working on something really exciting
  • Because you’ll design and build something for real world users
  • Because you’ll gain a hands-on research experience
  • Because you’ll have a chance to interact with fantastic HCI students and faculty at KAIST

Okay, I’m sold. What are the conditions?

  • Mandatory period: July 1 - August 31, 2016
  • Flexible working hours & vacation
  • Personal office space in N1
  • Infinite amount of free coffee
  • You’ll be paid a competitive salary.
  • If you’re interested, and if we have a good fit, you’re welcome to continue working on the project in the fall and onward.
  • If you’re a CS undergrad at KAIST, we can also discuss connecting the internship to CS490 (Research in Computer Science) or CS495 (Individual Study).

How can I apply?

Please apply by sending an email to until May 13, 2016 (Friday). Your application should include the following:

  • your resume or CV
  • a copy of your transcript (unofficial or scanned version is fine)
  • one-paragraph description of why you’re interested and what your interests are